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With a million things vying for your time, reading my story probably isn’t at the top of your list. With that in mind; the fact that you are visiting my website is something that I don’t take lightly. It actually is a pretty BIG deal for me. Let’s make this worth your while! 

About me: I’m a tech-savvy and a great communicator with a flair for humor and passion for sales. Someone who can work independently but in the end prefers to be a team player. GO, team! Furthermore, I'm an experienced SaaS leader with a love for tech startups.

Nothing satisfies me more than contributing to the overall growth of a business, meeting new people, and reach personal levels of success. To me, success is the ongoing process of trying to become more every single day, while – at the same time – contributing in a positive way to others. 

Want to talk? Since I’m a food lover and coffee addict; let me know if you want to grab some Rocket Fuel (strong coffee). I’m always open to having a chat! 


about me


Sales experience: 8+ years

Leadership experience: 3+ years


SaaS (software as a service) 

Closing Deals 

Leading by Example

Managing and Growing a Team

Scaling Startups

 Strategic Partnerships

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency


Dutch (native)

English (fluent)


Head of Sales


Sendcloud is Europe's number 1 shipping tool for online stores. We help online stores growing, by optimizing your shipping process.

Thanks to our deep integrations with more than 25 existing ecommerce systems such as Lightspeed, Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Shopify and market places like Amazon, we make it possible for eshops to ship easier, faster and more efficient.

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Head of Sales Benelux & DACH
Jan 2020 - present

> currently leading a team of 30+ sales professionals - 

Head of Sales Benelux
June 2019 - Jan 2020

Team Lead Benelux

Jan 2019 - June 2019

Sales achievements while Head of Sales:

The Benelux Sales Team overachieved 4 out of 5 quarters with me as Head of Sales (Q2 118%, Q3 127%, Q4 116%, Q1 122%).


Helped to grow the company from 800 to 2700 active paying subscriptions (and counting) in 12 months.

Helped multiple team members to become top sales performers and transition into a new position within the company.


Startup Coach

We live in a digital world. With more than 3 billion people online and only an e-mail, tweet or Facebook message away, asking for help seems easy. Yet, when startup founders are looking for insightful feedback or advice, good mentors that can help you to the next level are sometimes hard to find.

Bringing innovative startups and knowledgeable people together is key in this digital age. Therefore, I am always open to getting requests from innovative startups and ambitious founders that are looking for an experienced sales leader to help them grow the business (freelance). 


Let's grow this world together. 



When Luc joined Sendcloud, you inmediatley could tell something special was about to happen. From the very start, Luc is a kick starter of a hard working and result driven sales machine.

He is a data driven leader with AN analytical and practical approach. Luc knows how to coach and inspire people with structural and open feedback.

Besides that, he’s always looking for improvements and knows how to make people better. I’ve seen Luc being successful in multiple countries and roles at Sendcloud. His high impactful way of working is decisive for his success.

At the moment, Sendcloud is ramping up for one the most successful periods in her history. I can fairly say - Luc played a big role leading up to this moment. I truly believe in his vision and way of working. Luc brings success to companies and he has fun doing it.

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Vanessa Hoen.jpeg

"I started working with Luc at buuteeq Inc and transitioned into with him due to acquisition. Luc is one of the most spirited colleagues you'll ever meet. But more importantly, he is truly a knowledge base when it comes to digital & online marketing!


His relationship with customers is natural and profound, because of his sincere believe that the sales can only be done with a solution selling mindset. He will do everything in his power to bring the customer the right solution while still focusing on the company goal.

He'll challenge both himself, the customer as well as the company when it comes to finding the right solution. He's a go-getter who doesn't stop and keeps going for gold. Luc is an amazing person and great asset to any sales team!"

When Luc enters the office, one can see immediately the motivation and dedication for his profession.. Luc has a talent to engage and inspire the whole team with his hands-on mentality.

He strives to overachieve instead of achieving his targets. Not only his talent and dedication lead to his professional success, but also his hard-working spirit.

Additionally Luc is very team-oriented. All of that makes him a must-have for your company. I truly enjoyed working with Luc and what I could learn from him, as a person and as a professional.

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Want to get in touch? 


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